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Plan your Company Holiday Season Dinner at Cactus Cantina

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The Holiday Season is rapidly approaching!

A special dinner in the heart of Washington DC is always a great way to celebrate the spirit of the Holiday Season and to show gratitude for real effort and team work for your employees, colleagues and business partners.

We are one the most popular restaurant destination in Washington DC, offering a wide range of space and menu options, from delicious salads and fish to hot beef fajitas.

It does not matter if you are a group of 20 or 125 guests, you decide how you want to go, a delicious buffet style meal or a traditional festive dinner.

Browse through our menus and feel free to contact to us to schedule your holiday season event us.

Cactus Cantina

Phone: (202)-686-7222
Email: inquiries@cactuscantina.co
Directions: Find us on the map
Reservations: Reserve online

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